Saturday, January 13, 2007

Reaching Way Back!!

As I proceed thru all of my artistic adventures, I am amazed at how often I reach back to my earliest art experiences, to call up old skills.

As a result of the Charm swap that I participated in with my Altered Arts group, I am again using my wire jewelry skills. Our meetings are held in the work room of a wonderful rubber stamp shop in Reston , VA; Angela's Happy Stamper. We all decided to create an extra charm for Angela to thank her for letting us use her space without charging us a fee. I took on the task of creating a necklace from the charms. I chose 16 gauge copper wire that I purchased at the hardware store, got out my needle nose pliers and cutters and got to work. here are the results. We will present this piece to Angela at our group meeting tomorrow, if we can cajole her to stop by the shop while we are all there!
We are quite sure that Angela will be thrilled! Every time that I look at all of my charms that I received from this swap and at this necklace, I am so very grateful for this incredibly talented and giving group of artists that I am lucky enough to have found!!
Althought he quality of this photo is not the best , it shows the links of the necklace that I created. I must also thank my good art friend Ruth from CA, who shared her technique for creating quick and easy links for displaying a multitude of charms!! Thank you so much Ruth ,for sharing your skills with all of us!!
Now I have to continue to make links to create a similar necklace for myself! I still have two more charm swaps that I am participating in !! One is an international swap for 25 charms and the other is a Fiber Arts Charm swap, also for 25 charms. I will post pictures as soon as the charms arrive!!!

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Joanna van said...

What a beautiful did a great job to display your lovely charms


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